Marc and I both grew up with Italian family. Providing us 5 times a week pasta dishes and on special occasions we were asked to participate in making ravioli, canneloni, lasagna. For us fresh pasta is always a reason to be together and make a small festival out of something very simple.

Making fresh dough with or without eggs, learn more about the history and the hacks. Why not make a family gathering of it and make more pasta to enjoy during the week again from these dishes!

Panzarotti, pizza, bruschetta, farfalle, garganelli, pappardelle, spaghetti, mafaldine, penne, gnocchi, ... You name it! We can make this step by step and guide you in this artisanal process in our Pasta Lovers cooking class. Food made with love!


It doesn't stop with Italian ways of preparing dough, we offer as well a variety of Asian doughs. Samosa, momo, dim sums, eggnoodles, ricenoodles, even tapiocadumplings and empanadas!